Be thankful

I feel that we're at a very critical turning point in our history in many ways, and it's a thrilling to watch a Finding Brave movement in the works!

I am very thankful, today and always, for being in community with you and learning from each of you. 

Having gone through some tough times this year -- both personally in my own life and in our country and the world -- 

I've found that a helpful mantra for me these days is:

"Every day, I will find brave -- rise up, speak up and stand up BOLDLY for myself and my life, and for others. I will connect to the world from my heart and soul with all the love, appreciation, understanding and compassion I can muster, each and every day."

I hope you like that mantra and will find it useful!


心を解放して新しい自分に・・・ It's YOUR time to built your story to bliss Amsterdam在住の日本人によるコーチングサロン